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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

The precision and accuracy of data is vital in diagnostics laboratories due to its critical role in further patient therapy and clinical outcome. With multiple stages in the data cycle and a multitude of samples, manual information management becomes prone to errors.

PCS provides an agile and scalable solution by integrating isolated systems and functions into one powerful Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

PCS LIMS integrates different workflows, work lists and intercommunication between various work areas and collates them for optimized processes. In doing so, PCS LIMS also promotes a paperless work environment.

Through seamless systems implementation, PCS LIMS enhances the quality of information, by eliminating errors, improving data accuracy and ensuring robust data validation.

PCS LIMS Framework Quality Excellence

A milestone in itself, PCS LIMS is designed on the best practices of Total Quality Management. This ensures systematic and streamlined workflows, enhancing performance of various work areas and functions of the laboratory.

The TQM framework of PCS LIMS aims to achieve quality in every parameter of performance through:

  • Quality Goals
  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Laboratory Processes
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assessment
  • Quality Improvement

  1. Quality Laboratory Processes
  2. PCS LIMS helps you optimize laboratory processes, policies, standard operating procedures (SOPs), personnel standards and physical resources. With a focus on achieving accurate results, PCS LIMS streamlines all laboratory functions, making them more efficient and less error-prone. This reduces turnaround time (TAT) and improves efficacy.

    PCS Quality Laborat ory Processes

  3. Quality Control (QC)
  4. In order to ensure high quality of results, PCS LIMS helps you closely monitor the work processes, identify issues of nonconformance promptly, and initiate and track swift remediation. With PCS LIMS, you can efficiently manage and evaluate statistical process controls and quality controls, thereby maximizing the analytical performance of laboratory processes.

  5. Quality Assessment (QA)
  6. PCS LIMS enables you to keep a check on all the features and characteristics required for meeting customer requirements, including turnaround time, patient preparation, specimen acquisition, etc. Through PCS LIMS, you can monitor QA characteristics and ensure improved patient care and experience.
With a focus on optimizing TAT, PCS LIMS ensures seamless communication between different functions of the laboratory. This in turn enables a valid relationship between the patient and the result, thereby increasing productivity and brand equity.

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